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Writing Blog Posts

To create a new post, you need to create a PR to the DVC website project.

Prepare your environment

Set up the Development environment to see how your content will look like after you publish it. The yarn author command will build a subset of the website with only the latest blog post, while yarn develop lets you preview the whole site at the cost of a longer build time. Both commands start up a development server which will continue to update as you add new content.

Add a post

Create a Markdown file in the content/blog folder. The file name must follow this pattern: YYYY-MM-DD-my-post-title.md. After merging this file into the main branch, the blog post will be published at /blog/my-post-title automatically.

Write front matter in the following format:

title: Hello World
date: 2015-05-01
description: Hello World
descriptionLong: |
  Some long
  text (supports _basic_ [Markdown](link))
picture: 2015-05-01/post-image.jpeg
pictureComment: Some _Comment_ (supports _basic_ [Markdown](link))
  - author_filename
  - other_author_filename
  - Open Source
  - Machine Learning
  - Data Science
  - Version Control
  - AI
  • title (required) - title of the post.

  • date (required) - publication date in the YYYY-MM-DD format. Will be used to sort posts and in RSS.

  • description (required) - short description to show in the feed.

  • descriptionLong (optional) - long description to show before the image on the post page. If not set, description will be used instead. Supports basic Markdown markup.

  • picture (optional) - cover image, relative to static/uploads/images

  • pictureComment (optional) - cover image comment. Supports basic Markdown markup.

  • authors (required) - a list of filenames from files in content/authors that represent the post's authors. The first author is shown most prominently. The author field can be used as an alternative to specify as a string what would otherwise be a single-item list in authors.

    See Adding authors to add a new author.

  • commentsUrl (optional) - link to the DVC forum topic. It will contain comments for the post.

  • tags (optional) - list of tags.

Content guidelines

It's recommended to follow all the relevant recommendations from the Doc style guidelines.

Adding images

🙏 Be careful about the size of the image files you are about to commit — run an online image optimizer. Huge images pollute the Git index, slow down git clone, deployment, and other operations in the repository.

The original image should be 2x the height and width of the size you want to see on the screen, to look sharp. To add images, put them into static/uploads and reference them like this:


To add a subtitle:

![](/uploads/images/2020-02-10/image.png) _subtitle [with a link](link)_

To set the image size and text wrap:

![](/uploads/images/2020-02-10/image.png '=500')
![](/uploads/images/2020-02-10/image.png '=500 Some Title')
![](/uploads/images/2020-02-10/image.png 'Some Title =500')
![](/uploads/images/2020-02-10/image.png 'Some Title :wrap-left =500')
![](/uploads/images/2020-02-10/image.png ':wrap-left =500 Some Title')

Any URLs supported by gatsby-remark-embedder such as Youtube and Twitter share links will be embedded automatically. You just need to paste them in the post Markdown, for example:

... Check out this great video right here:


And now lets move onto ...

You can embed a preview of any other website using <external-link> tag:

... Check out this great project:

title="Open-source tools to version control Machine Learning models and experiments"
description="AI and ML are becoming an essential part of the engineering..."
image="/uploads/images/image.png" />

And now lets move onto ...

Adding authors

Create .md file in the content/authors folder.

Write front matter in the following format:

name: John Doe
avatar: avatar.jpeg
link: https://www.twitter.com/johndoe
  • name (required) – author's name.
  • avatar (required) - path to the author's avatar, relative to static/uploads/avatars (1024x1024 is recommended).
  • link (optional) - location that the author's name will link to.

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