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Initializes a DVCLive logger.

class Live:

    def __init__(
        path: Optional[str] = None,
        resume: bool = False,
        report: Optional[str] = "auto",


from dvclive import Live

live = Live()


A Live() instance is required in order to log machine learning parameters, metrics and other metadata.

Live() will remove all existing DVCLive related files under path unless resume=True.


  • dir - Location of the directory to store outputs.

  • summary_path - {Live.dir}.json. Location of the summary.

  • report_path - {Live.dir}/report.{format}. Location of the metrics report. The format can be HTML) or Markdown depending on the value of the report parameter.


  • path - Where to save DVCLive's outputs. Default: None.

    If None and DVC is enabled (see DVCLive with DVC), the path set by DVC will be used. If None and DVC is not enabled, "dvclive" will be used.

  • resume - If True, DVCLive will try to read the previous step from the path directory and start from that point. Default: False.

    If you are not using steps, don't set resume=True since DVCLive will preserve previous run's files and assume that step has been enabled.

  • report - If auto,html, or md, DVCLive will call Live.make_report() on each step update. The auto mode (default) will use md format if a CI env var is present, otherwise it will use html.

    If report is None, Live.make_report() won't be called automatically.



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