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Initializes a DVCLive logger.

class Live:

    def __init__(
        path: Optional[str] = None,
        resume: bool = False,
        summary: bool = True,


from dvclive import Live

live = Live()


Its parameters are focused on configuring the behavior of subsequent calls to Live() methods.

⚠️ If path already exists, Live() will remove all existing DVCLive related files.



  • path - Configure where to save metrics logs and metrics summary (generated by Live.log()). Default: None.

    If None and DVC is enabled (see DVCLive with DVC), the path set by DVC will be used. If None and DVC is not enabled, "dvclive" will be used.

  • resume - If True, DVCLive will try to read the previous step from the path directory and start from that point. Default: False.

  • summary - If True, upon each Live.log() call, DVCLive will generate a metrics summary (usable by dvc metrics). The summary will be located at {path}.json. Default: True.


  • dvclive.error.ConfigMismatchError - thrown if the provided path does not match with the one set in DVC (see DVCLive with DVC)



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