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Account Management

To open your account settings, click on your user icon on the top right corner of Iterative Studio, and go to your Profile. You can view and update the following settings:

This does not include managing your team plan (Free, Basic, or Enterprise). Team plans are defined for each team separately. To manage them, go to the team settings page and scroll to the Plan and billing section. You can change plans there and increase or decrease the number of seats in it.

Personal details

In your profile page, the topmost section includes your first name, last name and profile picture. If you signed up with a GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket account, these details are fetched from your connected Git hosting account.

Your username is displayed next. This is also fetched from your connected Git hosting account if you signed up with a GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket account.

You can edit your name as well as username.

Managing email addresses

You can add multiple email addresses to a single Iterative Studio account. You can login to the account with any of your verified email addresses as long as you have set up a password for your account. This is true even if you signed up using your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

One of your email addresses must be designated as primary. This is the address to which Iterative Studio will send all your account notification emails.

You can change your primary email address by clicking on the Primary button next to the email address which you want to designate as primary.

You can delete your non-primary email addresses.

Security details

Your password can be changed or reset from the Account section in your profile page.

Studio access token

Iterative Studio uses access tokens to authorize DVC and DVCLive to send experiment updates.

In the Studio access token section of your Profile page, you can generate a new token as well as regenerate (replace) or delete your access token.

The option to delete the access token is also available when you change your password, so that you can reset all your access credentials at once. This is handy if you suspect that your account security may have been compromised.

Cloud credentials

In the Cloud Credentials section of your Profile page, you can view, add and update credentials for cloud resources. These credentials are used to:

To add new credentials, click Add credentials and select the cloud provider. Depending on the provider, you will be asked for more details. Note that cloud experiments currently support AWS and GCP.

The credentials must have the required permissions. For cloud experiments, the following permissions are needed:


See https://github.com/iterative/terraform-provider-iterative/blob/a92499539f109821c021d1efb1fb01e51f1db47f/docs/guides/permissions/aws/main.tf


See https://github.com/iterative/terraform-provider-iterative/blob/a92499539f109821c021d1efb1fb01e51f1db47f/docs/guides/permissions/gcp/main.tf

For data remotes, you can find more details about required permissions here.

Finally, click Save credentials.

Git integrations

In this section, you can,

  • Connect to GitHub.com, GitLab.com or Bitbucket.org.

    When you connect to a Git hosting provider, you will be prompted to grant Iterative Studio access to your account.

    To connect to your GitHub repositories, you must install the Iterative Studio GitHub app. Refer to the section on GitHub app installation for more details.

    Note that if you signed up to use Iterative Studio using your GitHub, GitLb or Bitbucket account, integration with that Git account will have been created during sign up.

    Also, note that connections to self-hosted GitLab servers are not managed in this section. If you want to connect to a self-hosted GitLab server, you should create a team and set up the GitLab server connection in the team settings.

  • Disconnect from your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket accounts.

  • Configure your GitHub account connection. That is, install the Iterative Studio GitHub app on additional organizations or repositories, or even remove the app from organizations or repositories where you no longer need it.

Delete account

If you delete your account, all the projects you own and the links that you have shared will be permanently deleted. So, click on Delete my account only if you are absolutely sure that you do not need those projects or links anymore.

Deleting your account in Iterative Studio does not delete your Git repositories.


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