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Billing and Payment

DVC Studio is free for individuals and teams with up to 2 members. The Free plan is designed for teams that are starting out: you can invite one other team member and import as many repositories as you want.

For more advanced collaboration, you can switch to the Basic or Enterprise plans. These are paid plans, and in this page you will learn how to manage billing and payment for them.

Difference between Free, Basic, and Enterprise plans

A detailed comparison of the different plans can be found in the DVC Studio pricing page.

How to sign up for the Basic or Enterprise plans

When you sign up, you're on the Free plan. To switch to the Basic plan create a team first, then go to the Team settings to change the plan. To sign up for the Enterprise plan, please schedule a call (see pricing details).

How total price is calculated

For Basic plans, invoice amount is calculated based on the number of seats in the team. All invoice amounts are calculated for one billing period at a time. A billing period is one month long. The price per seat can be found in the DVC Studio pricing page.

For example, suppose you have a team with 5 seats. At a monthly rate of $40 per seat, the total payable amount for the team would be $40 x 5 = $200 per month.

Increasing or decreasing the number of seats during a billing period will result in prorated amount calculation (see the next section for an example).

For the Enterprise plan, all invoice amounts are calculated based on the agreement between you and Iterative.

How increasing or decreasing the number of seats affects price

If you add members to available seats or remove members without reducing the number of seats in your team, there will be no price impact.

If you increase the number of seats, your account will be charged a prorated amount based on the time remaining in the billing period at the time each seat was added. For instance, if your billing period runs from the 15th of last month to the 14th of this month, then, if you add 2 seats on the 10th of this month, you will be charged for only 5 days for the 2 new seats. In the following billing period, the 2 additional seats will be charged for the entire billing period.

If you decrease the number of seats, you will receive an account credit for the prorated difference. It will be applied automatically for future payment.

Downgrading a plan

You can decrease the number of seats in your plan at any point, as explained in the previous section.

To cancel the Basic plan and move back to the Free plan, decrease the number of seats in the team to 1 or 2 and click on Downgrade. A prorated credit will be added to your account for the remaining days in the billing period. It will be applied automatically for future payment.

When you downgrade from the Basic plan to the Free plan, you will receive a prorated refund for the days remaining in the billing period. For inquiries about refunds, please contact us.

To upgrade to or downgrade from the Enterprise plan, please contact us.

Billing period and auto-renewal of Basic plans

The billing period for each Basic plan subscription starts on the date of the subscription and is one month long. For example, if your subscription date is the 15th of May, your next billing period will start on the 15th of June.

Basic plan subscriptions are renewed automatically for one more month at the end of each billing period.

Seven (7) days before the end of your billing period you will receive an email notification indicating that the end date is approaching. You should maintain a valid payment method so that we can process your payment and auto-renew your subscription at the end of the billing period.

Grace period for non-payment

At the end of your billing period, if we are unable to process your payment, you will enter a grace period of 5 days during which you must provide valid payment. During this time you will continue to have full access to DVC Studio.

Your account's primary email address will be notified after each failed payment. Payments may be retried up to 4 times. To provide a new payment method, go to the Plan and billing section of your team settings page and click on Add payment method.

After the grace period expires, you and all your team members will lose access to your team's projects. You will continue to have access to your team settings page. Access to the team's projects will be restored once you clear the pending balance.

Payment processor and accepted payment methods

We rely on Stripe to process Basic plan payments. We do not handle your payment information (including credit card details) directly. We are PCI compliant and your payment information is handled securely by Stripe.

We accept the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB. You can change your payment method and billing address for the Basic plan at any time by going to the Plan and billing section of your team settings. You will be redirected to Stripe to make these changes.

Accessing your payment history and invoices

You can find a link to your Stripe dashboard on your team settings page. There you see your payment history and get a copy of your invoices.

Other questions

You can find answers to other frequently asked questions in the DVC Studio FAQ page. If you have any other questions, please contact us.