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Download models

If your model file is DVC-tracked, you can download any of its registered versions using dvc get.

$ dvc get ${GIT_REPO} ${MODEL_PATH} --rev ${GIT_REV}

For example, one of the models in the bank customer churn demo project is lightgbm-model. You can find its registered versions in the list of Git tags.

Suppose you want to dowload the model file for the lightgbm-model@v2.0.1 version. In the model details page, you can see that the model file path is .mlem/model/lightgbm-model.

To download the file, you can use the following dvc command:

$ dvc get https://github.com/iterative/demo-bank-customer-churn \
    .mlem/model/lightgbm-model \
    --rev lightgbm-model@v2.0.1

Note that .mlem/model/lightgbm-model is the path where the model is registered using GTO, and not the physical path of the model file (in the remote storage).

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