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What Is a View

A view is an interactive representation of the information stored in your Git repository.

When you connect to your Git repository from Iterative Studio, the experiments committed in the repository are parsed to identify all the data, metrics and hyperparameters. These values are then presented in a table with each experiment (Git commit) in a row and the corresponding values for the data, metrics and hyperparameters in columns. This tabular representation is called a view.

A view presents information stored in your Git repository in an interactive table.

All the views that you have created are presented in a central dashboard. This dashboard opens up whenever you login to Iterative Studio.

All the views that you create are presented in a views dashboard for easy access.

In the view, you can:

  • Explore all the details of the experiments that you have pushed to your Git repository.
  • Visualize the experiments using plots and trend charts.
  • Compare experiments.
  • Run new experiments by submitting new Git commits directly from Iterative Studio.

In the following sections, you will see how to create, configure and share views.

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