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DVC 2.0 Release
Today is DVC 2.0 release day! Watch a video from DVC-team when we explain the new features and read more details in this blog post.
  • Dmitry Petrov
  • Mar 03, 202119 min read
February '21 Community Gems
A roundup of technical Q&A's from the DVC community. This month: best practices for config files, pipeline dependency management,and caching data for CI/CD. Plus a new CML feature to launch cloud compute with Terraform!
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Feb 26, 20218 min read
CML Pre-Release Notes: Automatically Train Models in the Cloud with CML 0.3.0
New features are here to make launching cloud compute for continuous integration workflows shorter, sweeter and easier than ever. Plus, a new GitHub Action to setup CML means more ways to use CML without our Docker container.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Feb 22, 20214 min read
DVC 2.0 Pre-Release
Today, we're announcing DVC 2.0 pre-release. We'll share lessons from our journey and how these will be reflected in the coming release.
  • Dmitry Petrov
  • Feb 17, 202115 min read
February '21 Heartbeat
Monthly updates are here! Read all about our growing team, our CEO's interview on The New Stack, integration with spaCy and more!
  • Jeny De Figueiredo
  • Feb 16, 20216 min read
January '21 Community Gems
A roundup of technical Q&A's from the DVC community. This month: parallelize your data transfer, compressed datasets, and DVC pipelines in CI/CD.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Jan 26, 20217 min read
January '21 Heartbeat
Monthly updates are here! read all about our new R language tutorial, putting DVC to work on an image segmentation pipeline, and a new fast way to setup your DVC remote.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Jan 20, 20215 min read
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