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    Data Version Control in Real Life

    We write about machine learning workflow. From data versioning and processing to model productionization. We share our news, findings, interesting reads, community takeaways.
    Turn Visual Studio Code into a machine learning experimentation platform with the DVC extension
    Today we are releasing the DVC extension, which brings a full ML experimentation platform to Visual Studio Code.
    • Rob de Wit
    • Jun 14, 20225 min read
    Syncing Data to Azure Blob Storage
    We're going to set up an Azure Blob Storage remote in a DVC project.
    • Milecia McGregor
    • Jun 13, 20226 min read
    Productionize your models with MLEM in a Git-native way
    Introducing MLEM - one tool to run your models anywhere.
    • Alexander Guschin
    • Jun 01, 20227 min read
    Syncing Data to AWS S3
    We're going to set up an AWS S3 remote in a DVC project.
    • Milecia McGregor
    • May 31, 20225 min read
    May '22 Community Gems
    A roundup of technical Q&A's from the DVC and CML communities. This month: working with CML and GCP, DVC data and remotes, DVC pipelines and setups, and more.
    • Milecia McGregor
    • May 26, 20225 min read
    Moving Local Experiments to the Cloud with Terraform Provider Iterative (TPI) and Docker
    Tutorial for easily running experiments in the cloud with the help of Terraform Provider Iterative (TPI) and Docker.
    • Casper da Costa-Luis
    • May 24, 20224 min read
    May '22 Heartbeat
    Monthly updates are here! You will find a link to Chip Huyen's new book, great guides and frameworks on the iterative nature of AI, tons of company news, Dmitry on TFIR, beyond machine learning use cases and more! Welcome to May!
    • Jeny De Figueiredo
    • May 16, 202215 min read
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