Posts tagged with "CI/CD"

DVC 3 Years 🎉 and 1.0 Pre-release 🚀
Today, we've got three big announcements: 🎉 3rd-year anniversary of DVC, 🚀 DVC 1.0 pre-release is ready and ⭐ 5000 GitHub starts.
  • Dmitry Petrov
  • May 04, 20207 min read
April ’20 DVC❤️Heartbeat
Catch up on new DVC releases, talks, and projects in our community. This month, learn what we're up to in MLOps, CI/CD, and the intersection of data science and software engineering.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Apr 06, 20206 min read
New Video! 🎥 Reimagining DevOps for Machine Learning
A talk about CI/CD with fuzzy animals.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Mar 31, 20201 min read
March ’20 DVC❤️Heartbeat
DVC discussions around the web, our growing team, and recommended reading from the open source community.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Mar 11, 20205 min read
February ’20 DVC❤️Heartbeat
DVC talks around the world, new team members, and full-stack machine learning.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Feb 10, 20204 min read
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