Posts tagged with "R"

September '20 Heartbeat
This month, catch us on the Software Engineering Daily Podcast, check out our favorite DVC and CML tutorials and projects, and celebrate 1000 YouTube subscribers!
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Sep 09, 20205 min read
Best practices of orchestrating Python and R code in ML projects
What is the best way to integrate R and Python languages in one data science project? What are the best practices?
  • Marija Ilić
  • Sep 26, 201710 min read
ML Model Ensembling with Fast Iterations
Here we'll talk about tools that help tackling common technical challenges of building pipelines for the ensemble learning.
  • George Vyshnya
  • Aug 23, 201712 min read
R code and reproducible model development with DVC
There are a lot of example on how to use Data Version Control (DVC) with a Python project. In this document I would like to see how it can be used with a project in R.
  • Marija Ilić
  • Jul 24, 201715 min read
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