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We write about machine learning workflow. From data versioning and processing to model productionization. We share our news, findings, interesting reads, community takeaways.
Join DVC for Google Season of Docs 2020
A call for writer applications for Google Season of Docs 2020.
  • Jorge Orpinel Pérez
  • Apr 30, 202011 min read
April '20 Community Gems
A roundup of technical Q&A's from the DVC community. This month, we discuss the DVC cache, pipelines, cloud storage options and concurrency.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Apr 16, 20207 min read
April '20 DVC❤️Heartbeat
Catch up on new DVC releases, talks, and projects in our community. This month, learn what we're up to in MLOps, CI/CD, and the intersection of data science and software engineering.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Apr 06, 20206 min read
New Video! 🎥 Reimagining DevOps for Machine Learning
A talk about CI/CD with fuzzy animals.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Mar 31, 20201 min read
March '20 Community Gems
Great discussions and technical Q&A's from our users.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Mar 12, 20207 min read
March '20 DVC❤️Heartbeat
DVC discussions around the web, our growing team, and recommended reading from the open source community.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Mar 11, 20205 min read
February '20 Community Gems
Great discussions and technical Q&A's from our users.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Feb 19, 20208 min read
AITA for making this? A public dataset of Reddit posts about moral dilemmas
Releasing an open natural language dataset based on r/AmItheAsshole.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Feb 17, 202011 min read
February '20 DVC❤️Heartbeat
DVC talks around the world, new team members, and full-stack machine learning.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Feb 10, 20204 min read
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