Data Version Control in Real Life

We write about machine learning workflow. From data versioning and processing to model productionization. We share our news, findings, interesting reads, community takeaways.
AITA for making this? A public dataset of Reddit posts about moral dilemmas
Releasing an open natural language dataset based on r/AmItheAsshole.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Feb 17, 202011 min read
February '20 DVC❤️Heartbeat
DVC talks around the world, new team members, and full-stack machine learning.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Feb 10, 20204 min read
Join DVC for Google Summer of Code 2020
A call for student applications for Google Summer of Code 2020.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Feb 04, 20205 min read
January '20 Community Gems
Great discussions and technical Q&A's from our users.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Jan 20, 20207 min read
January '20 DVC❤️Heartbeat
Reaching 100 contributors, PyData LA, and more news from the DVC community.
  • Elle O'Brien
  • Jan 17, 20205 min read
November ’19 DVC❤️Heartbeat
Co-hosting our first ever meetup, sharing our Hacktoberfest experience, 4K ⭐, fresh Discord gems and other news.
  • Svetlana Grinchenko
  • Dec 14, 201912 min read
October ’19 DVC❤️Heartbeat
Every month we are sharing here our news, findings, interesting reads, community takeaways, and everything along the way.
  • Svetlana Grinchenko
  • Nov 05, 201913 min read for Hacktoberfest 2019
Our favorite month of the year Hacktoberfest is already in full swing and we at are so excited to be a part of it!
  • Svetlana Grinchenko
  • Oct 08, 20193 min read
September ’19 DVC❤️Heartbeat
Announcing our first meetup in San Francisco, kicking off Google Season of Docs program, sharing Open Source Summit experience, and more news, links, and gems.
  • Svetlana Grinchenko
  • Sep 26, 201916 min read
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