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Remove all DVC files and internals from a DVC project.


usage: dvc destroy [-h] [-q | -v] [-f]


dvc destroy removes dvc.yaml, .dvc files, and the internal .dvc/ directory from the project.

Note that the cache directory will be removed as well. If you have setup symlinks (from cache to workspace) in your project, DVC will replace them with the latest versions of the actual files and directories first, so that your data is intact after destruction.

Refer to Project Structure for more details on the directories and files deleted by this command.


  • -f, --force - do not prompt when destroying this project.

  • -h, --help - prints the usage/help message, and exit.

  • -q, --quiet - do not write anything to standard output. Exit with 0 if no problems arise, otherwise 1.

  • -v, --verbose - displays detailed tracing information.


$ dvc init
$ echo foo > foo
$ dvc add foo
$ ls -a

.dvc .git code.py foo foo.dvc

$ dvc destroy
This will destroy all information about your pipelines, all data files...
Are you sure you want to continue?

$ ls -a

.git code.py foo

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