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Signals that the current iteration has ended and increases step value by 1 (one).

def next_step()


from dvclive import Live

live = Live()

for step in range(3):
    live.log_metric("metric", 0.9)


DVCLive uses step to track the history of the metrics logged with Live.log_metric().

You can use Live.next_step() to increase the step by 1 (one).

In addition to increasing the step number, it will call Live.make_report(), Live.make_dvcyaml(), and Live.make_summary() by default.

Manual step updates

If you want custom step intervals or don't want to call Live.make_summary() / Live.make_report(), you can manually modify the Live.step property:

from dvclive import Live

live = Live()

for custom_step in [0, 15, 20]:
    live.step = custom_step
    live.log_metric("metric_1", 0.9)
    live.log_metric("metric_2", 0.7)
# Create report only at the end instead of at each iteration

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