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Environment Variables

List of environment variables to configure DVC behavior.

  • DVC_EXP_BASELINE_REF: Git revision for the baseline commit from which an experiment derives. Automatically set by DVC.
  • DVC_EXP_NAME: Name of the experiment. Automatically set by DVC.
  • DVC_GLOBAL_CONFIG_DIR: Directory in which DVC will look for global configuration.
  • DVC_NO_ANALYTICS: If true, disables analytics. Overrides dvc config core.analytics.
  • DVC_PAGER: Set what program DVC uses for paging output (for example, more).
  • DVC_ROOT: Root directory of your DVC repository. Automatically set by DVC.
  • DVC_SITE_CACHE_DIR: Directory for the site cache dir. Overrides dvc config core.site_cache_dir.
  • DVC_STUDIO_OFFLINE: If true, disables sharing live experiments even if the DVC Studio token is set. Overrides dvc config studio.offline.
  • DVC_STUDIO_REPO_URL: Set URL of Git remote associated with the DVC Studio project. Overrides dvc config studio.repo_url.
  • DVC_STUDIO_TOKEN: Set DVC Studio access token to use. Overrides dvc config studio.token.
  • DVC_STUDIO_URL: Set URL of Studio to use (in case of self-hosted DVC Studio instance). Overrides dvc config studio.url.
  • DVC_SYSTEM_CONFIG_DIR: Directory in which DVC will look for system configuration.

See also DVCLive environment variables.

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