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exp remove

Delete specific experiments from the project.


usage: dvc exp remove [-h] [-q | -v] [-A] [--rev <commit>] [-n <num>]
                      [--queue | -g <git_remote>]
                      [<name> [<name> ...]]

positional arguments:
   experiment    Experiments to remove.


Deletes one or more experiments, indicated by name (see dvc exp run) or ID (only queued experiments).

With --queue, the list of experiments awaiting execution is cleared instead.

Note that all the checkpoints in an experiment are removed by this command.


  • --queue - remove all experiments that haven't been run yet (defined via dvc exp run --queue).

  • -A, --all - remove all experiments that have been run. Use dvc queue remove to remove queued experiment tasks.

  • --rev <commit> - remove experiments derived from the specified <commit> as baseline.

  • -n <num>, --num <num> - remove experiments from the last num commits (first parents) starting from the --rev baseline. Give a negative value to include all first-parent commits (similar to git log -n).

  • -g, --git-remote - Name or URL of the Git remote to remove the experiment from

  • -h, --help - shows the help message and exit.

  • -q, --quiet - do not write anything to standard output. Exit with 0 if no problems arise, otherwise 1.

  • -v, --verbose - displays detailed tracing information from executing the dvc pull command.


Let's say we have dvc exp run 3 experiments in our project:

$ dvc exp list

To remove any of them, give their names to dvc exp remove. Or use the --all (-A) option to remove them all at once:

$ dvc exp remove conic-ease lucid-lair

$ dvc exp list

$ dvc exp remove -A

$ dvc exp list

Nothing is listed after the last dvc exp list because they're all gone.

The same applies to queued experiments but these won't have a name to give to dvc exp remove yet (unless you specified one). Alternatively, you can use their ID (shown when queued, and by dvc exp show). Let's queue a few experiments and then delete some of them:

$ dvc exp run --queue -S train.min_split=64
Queued experiment 'e41d5b4' for future execution.
$ dvc exp run --queue -S train.min_split=32 --name split32
Queued experiment '5751540' for future execution.
$ dvc exp run --queue -S train.min_split=16 --name split16
Queued experiment '8de9a6c' for future execution.

$ dvc exp remove e41d5b4 split16

$ dvc exp show
  neutral:**Experiment**              neutral:**Created**        neutral:**State**    metric:**avg_prec**   metric:**roc_auc**   metric:**train.min_split**
  workspace               -              -         0.57553   0.94652   2
  master                  Aug 02, 2021   -         0.53252    0.9107   2
  └── 5751540 [split32]   04:57 PM       Queued          -         -   32

We can also remove experiments from a remote Git repository:

$ dvc exp push myremote major-mela
$ dvc exp push myremote urban-sign
$ dvc exp push myremote conic-ease

$ dvc exp list myremote

$ dvc exp remove -g myremote urban-sign major-mela
$ dvc exp list myremote

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