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DVC Studio

DVC Studio is a web application that enables Machine Learning teams to seamlessly

It works on top of DVC and Git, maintaining Git as the single-source-of-truth for your data, experiments and models.

Sign in to DVC Studio using your GitHub.com, GitLab.com, or Bitbucket.org account, or with your email address. Explore the demo projects and models, and let us know if you need any help getting started.

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Why DVC Studio?

  • Simplify ML experiment tracking, visualization, and collaboration on top of Git.
  • Keep your code, data and model connected at all times.
  • Apply your existing software engineering stack for ML teams.
  • Build an ML model registry for transparency and discovery across all your projects.
  • Because your model registry is built on top of Git, you can use GitOps for model deployment.

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