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Start with dvc remote add to define the remote:

$ dvc remote add -d myremote \

If your remote is located in a subfolder of your WebDAV server e.g. files/myuser, this path may be appended to the base URL:

$ dvc remote add -d myremote \

Configuration parameters

If any values given to the parameters below contain sensitive user info, add them with the --local option, so they're written to a Git-ignored config file.

  • url - remote location:

    $ dvc remote modify myremote url \
  • token - token for WebDAV server, can be empty in case of using user/password authentication.

    $ dvc remote modify --local myremote token 'mytoken'
  • user - user name for WebDAV server, can be empty in case of using token authentication.

    $ dvc remote modify --local myremote user myuser

    The order in which DVC searches for user name is:

    1. user parameter set with this command (found in .dvc/config);
    2. User defined in the URL (e.g. webdavs://user@example.com/endpoint/path)
  • custom_auth_header - HTTP header field name to use for authentication. Value is set via password.

    $ dvc remote modify --local myremote \
                        custom_auth_header 'My-Header'
  • password - password for WebDAV server, combined either with user or custom_auth_header. Leave empty for token authentication.

    $ dvc remote modify --local myremote password mypassword

    Auth based on user or custom_auth_header (with password) is incompatible with token auth.

  • ask_password - ask each time for the password to use for user/password authentication. This has no effect if password or token are set.

    $ dvc remote modify myremote ask_password true
  • ssl_verify - whether or not to verify SSL certificates, or a path to a custom CA bundle to do so (true by default).

    $ dvc remote modify myremote ssl_verify false
    # or
    $ dvc remote modify myremote ssl_verify path/to/ca_bundle.pem
  • cert_path - path to certificate used for WebDAV server authentication, if you need to use local client side certificates.

    $ dvc remote modify --local myremote cert_path /path/to/cert
  • key_path - path to private key to use to access a remote. Only has an effect in combination with cert_path.

    $ dvc remote modify --local myremote key_path /path/to/key

    Note that the certificate in cert_path might already contain the private key.

  • timeout - connection timeout (in seconds) for WebDAV server (default: 30).

    $ dvc remote modify myremote timeout 120

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