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queue kill

Kill actively running DVC experiment tasks (see dvc queue start).


usage: dvc queue kill [-h] [-q | -v] [-f] [<task> ...]

positional arguments:
  <task>         Tasks in queue to kill.


Gracefully interrupt running experiment queue tasks (equivalent to Ctrl-C).

Note that killed experiments will be considered failed runs and will not be re-added to the queue for future execution.

This command does not stop the dvc queue start worker(s). After the specified task has been killed, a worker will move on to process the next experiment task in the queue.

To kill all running experiments and also stop processing the queue, use dvc queue stop --kill.


  • -h, --help - prints the usage/help message, and exit.

  • -q, --quiet - do not write anything to standard output.

  • -v, --verbose - displays detailed tracing information.

  • -f, --force - forcefully and immediately interrupt the task (not graceful).


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