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Here we provide help for some of the problems that DVC user might stumble upon.

Failed to pull data from the cloud

Users may encounter errors when running dvc pull and dvc fetch, like WARNING: Cache 'xxxx' not found. or ERROR: failed to pull data from the cloud. The most common cause is changes pushed to Git without the corresponding data being uploaded to the DVC remote. Make sure to dvc push from the original project, and try again.

Too many open files error

A known problem some users run into with the dvc pull, dvc fetch and dvc push commands is [Errno 24] Too many open files (most common for S3 remotes on MacOS). The more --jobs specified, the more file descriptors need to be open on the host file system for each download thread, and the limit may be reached, causing this error.

To solve this, it's often possible to increase the open file descriptors limit, with ulimit on UNIX-like system (for example ulimit -n 1024), or increasing Handles limit on Windows. Otherwise, please try using a lower JOBS value.

Unable to find credentials

Make sure that you have your AWS credentials setup either through usual AWS configuration or by setting access_key_id and secret_access_key with dvc remote modify.

Unable to connect

Make sure you are online and able to access your AWS S3 endpoint, or endpointurl if explicitly set with dvc remote modify.

Bucket does not exist

Make sure your bucket exists in the correct region and/or endpointurl (see dvc remote modify).

Unable to detect cache type

Unable to detect supported link types, as the cache directory doesn't exist. It is usually created automatically by DVC commands that need it, but you can create it manually (e.g. mkdir .dvc/cache) to enable this check.