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GitHub integration

Setting up the Github App

  1. Go to Organization settings -> Developer settings -> Github Apps -> New Github App

Fill out the details as follows:

studio selfhosted github 1

studio selfhosted github 2

studio selfhosted github 3

studio selfhosted github 4

  1. Replace localhost:8080 with your DVC Studio domain and port if applicable.

  2. Under permissions, set the following:

    Repository permissions:

    • Contents: Read / Write
    • Issues: Read / Write
    • Metadata: Read
    • Pull Requests: Read / Write
    • Webhooks: Read / Write

    User permissions:

    • Email addresses: Read
  3. Click Create Github App

  4. Copy the App ID and Client ID

Click Generate a new client secret, copy the output

studio selfhosted github 5

  1. Scroll down to Private keys, click Generate a private key, copy the output

Configuring DVC Studio with the GitHub App

Merge the values.yaml file with the following contents:

    enabled: true

    # Set this if you're using the selfhosted version
    url: <GitHub Enterprise URL>
    # Set this if you're using the selfhosted version
    apiUrl: <GitHub Enterprise API URL>

    clientId: <GitHub OAuth App Client ID>
    appName: <GitHub OAuth App Name>
    appId: <GitHub OAuth App ID>
    appSecret: <GitHub OAuth App Secret>
    privateKey: <GitHub OAuth App Private Key>

    # Optional
    # This is useful in cases where DVC Studio is on an internal
    # network, but the webhook endpoint is on an external network
    # webhookUrl: https://webhook.studio.company.com/webhook/github/

Replace the strings marked with < >


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