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Providing data to our support

To help you troubleshoot issues with DVC Studio, we may request a support bundle, which contains DVC Studio's application logs.

This guide will walk you through how to create the support bundle.


If you've deployed DVC Studio using a VM image, please launch an SSH session to the instance before continuing.

If you've deployed DVC Studio directly with Helm, please download the create-support-bundle script before continuing.

$ curl -o create-support-bundle https://raw.githubusercontent.com/iterative/studio-selfhosted/main/packer/create-support-bundle.sh
$ chmod +x create-support-bundle

Creating the support bundle

Run the create-support-bundle script to create the support bundle ZIP file.

$ create-support-bundle

Copy the ZIP file from /tmp/studio-support.tar.gz to your local machine. To do this, you can use SFTP or rsync.


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