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View and compare models

You can find all your models in the models dashboard. Each model has separate model details pages for all its model versions. Also, all models from a given Git repository are included as model columns in the experiment tables of those projects that connect to this Git repository.

Models dashboard:

The models in your model registry are organized in a central dashboard that facilitates search and discovery.

mr models table

You can sort the models in the dashboard by several criteria, including model framework, repository, etc.

DVC Studio consolidates the stages of all the models in the registry, and provides a way to filter models by stages.

You can take a look at the models dashboard in Iterative's public (read only) model registry.

Model details page:

You can open the details of any model in the registry by clicking on the name of the model in the models dashboard.

mr mdp

A model details page is divided into the following sections:

  • Top section: This contains
    • the model name,
    • a link to the model’s Git repository,
    • latest registered version of the model,
    • a button to register a new version, and
    • information about how many projects in DVC Studio have been created from the model’s Git repository.
  • Left section: The left section contains information that is specific to a particular registered version of the model. It has a version picker, which you can use to switch between different registered versions of the model. For the selected version, the left section shows
    • buttons for common actions such as opening the corresponding experiment, deregistering the model version, and assigning a stage to the version,
    • all assigned stages,
    • version description and labels,
    • path to the model,
    • metrics, params and plots.
  • Right section: The right section contains information that is applicable across all the versions of the model. In particular, it displays
    • the assigned stages for the different versions, and
    • the history of all version registration and stage assignment actions.

You can find an example of a model detail page in Iterative's public (read only) model registry.

Model columns in the project’s experiment table:

The models will also appear as model columns in the experiment tables of those projects that have been created from the Git repository to which the model belongs.

Comparing model versions:

To compare model versions, select relevant commits in the project's experiment table and click Compare and/or Plots buttons:

mr comparing models

This way you can compare both registered model versions and unregistered experimental iterations and make a decision to register a new version out of the latter.


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