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502 Service Unavailable

Getting HTTP 502 Service Unavailable when accessing DVC Studio in your browser indicates that DVC Studio failed to launch. This error could be caused by several things, each of which we will explore below:

Initial diagnosis

If you've deployed DVC Studio with the AMI, you'll need to SSH to the EC2 instance before continuing.

Let's get a list of the DVC Studio components and their statuses:

$ kubectl get pods -n studio

If any components have a status such as ImagePullBackOff or ErrImagePull, jump to the Fixing the Docker credentials section.

Fixing the Docker credentials

Delete the existing credentials:

$ kubectl delete secret iterativeai -n studio

Recreate the credentials:

$ kubectl create secret docker-registry iterativeai \
    --namespace studio \
    --docker-server=docker.iterative.ai \
    --docker-username=<username> \

Now restart all DVC Studio components using:

$ kubectl rollout restart deploy/studio-beat -n studio
$ kubectl rollout restart deploy/studio-backend -n studio
$ kubectl rollout restart deploy/studio-worker -n studio
$ kubectl rollout restart deploy/studio-ui -n studio

Wait a few seconds and then verify that the issue got resolved:

$ kubectl get pods -n studio

All components should now show Running in their statuses.


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