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Connect a Custom GitLab Server

If your team’s Git repositories are on a self-hosted GitLab server, you can set up a connection to this server such that all your team members can connect to the Git repositories on this server. Refer to the GitLab docs for more details about self-hosted GitLab servers.

To connect to your self-hosted GitLab server, you will need the following:

  • A URL for your GitLab server. The URL should either be publicly accessible, or in the same private network as DVC Studio if DVC Studio is deployed on-premises.

  • A GitLab personal access token with the following roles: api, read_user, read_repository. If you do not have a personal access token yet, you can create one at

    \<your GitLab server URL>/-/profile/personal_access_tokens?name=Iterative+Studio+Access+token&scopes=api,read_user,read_repository

Once you have obtained the URL and Personal Access Token for your GitLab server, do the following:

  • Go to you team’s settings at https://studio.iterative.ai/team/<your team name>/settings
  • In the GitLab connections section, click on the Connect GitLab server button
  • Enter the URL and token in the form that opens up
  • Click on Connect

Once the connection is successful, all the repositories in this GitLab server will become available when you try to add a project in your team workspace. If you have any trouble setting up the connection to your GitLab server, please contact us.

Connecting to a self-hosted GitLab server is different from connecting to your account on GitLab SaaS (gitlab.com). To connect to GitLab SaaS go to the Git integrations section in your personal profile settings. If you signed up to use DVC Studio using your GitLab account, you may already have this connection.

Custom GitLab server support is available only within a team workspace, and is available to all DVC Studio teams (free and paid).

My GitLab server is behind a firewall. What should I do?

Firstly, the GitLab server must be exposed to the internet to enable remote access from DVC Studio. You can limit the traffic on the firewall to the server to allow access from our IP addresses only, which are:

Additionally, the DNS records associated with the GitLab server should be publicly available to resolve the server name. Use DNS Propagation Checker to confirm if the GitLab domain is resolvable. If you still have any trouble setting up the connection to your GitLab server, please contact us.


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