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Project Structure

Using dvc init in your workspace will initialize a DVC project, including the internal .dvc/ directory. From there on, you will create and manage different DVC metafiles (below), and populate the cache with data artifacts as you work on your ML experiments.

  • dvc.yaml files define stages, parameters, metrics, and plots. Stages form the pipeline(s) of a project. Parameters, metrics, and plots are used to evaluate and compare project versions and may be defined within stages or independently.

  • .dvc files ("dot DVC files") are placeholders to track data files and directories.

  • .dvcignore files (optional) contain a list of paths for DVC to ignore, which can dramatically increase its operational performance.

  • Internal files and directories in .dvc/ contain the local configuration file(s), default local cache location, and other utilities that DVC needs to operate.

These metafiles are typically versioned with Git, as DVC does not replace its distributed version control features, but rather extends on them.

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