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remote remove

Remove a dvc remote.

This command affects DVC configuration files only. It does not physically remove data files stored remotely. See dvc gc --cloud for that.


usage: dvc remote remove [-h]
                         [--global | --system | --project | --local]
                         [-q | -v]

positional arguments:
  name           Name of the remote to remove


This command removes a section in the DVC configuration file. Alternatively, it is possible to edit config files manually.

The name argument is required.


  • --system - modify the system config file (e.g. /etc/xdg/dvc/config) instead of .dvc/config.

  • --global - modify the global config file (e.g. ~/.config/dvc/config) instead of .dvc/config.

  • --project - modify the project's config file (.dvc/config). This is the default behavior.

  • --local - modify the Git-ignored local config file (located in .dvc/config.local) instead of .dvc/config.

  • -h, --help - prints the usage/help message, and exit.

  • -q, --quiet - do not write anything to standard output. Exit with 0 if no problems arise, otherwise 1.

  • -v, --verbose - displays detailed tracing information.


Add Amazon S3 remote:

$ dvc remote add myremote s3://mybucket/path

Remove it:

$ dvc remote remove myremote

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