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queue stop

Stop running queued DVC experiments (see dvc queue start) after the current ones are finished running.


usage: dvc queue stop [-h] [-q | -v] [--kill]


Signals DVC to stop all workers that are running queued experiments.

By default, DVC will wait for any experiments that are currently running to complete before gracefully stopping workers. The --kill option can be used to interrupt them instead and stop all workers immediately.

Note that killed experiments will be considered failed runs and will not be re-added to the queue for future execution.

Any queued experiment tasks which have not been processed will remain in the queue (use dvc queue start again to resume processing them).


  • --kill - kill any experiment tasks that are currently running and immediately stop queue execution.

  • -h, --help - prints the usage/help message, and exit.

  • -q, --quiet - do not write anything to standard output.

  • -v, --verbose - displays detailed tracing information.


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