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There are a few recommended ways to install DVC: OS-specific package/installer, pip, conda, and Homebrew. See Installation for all the alternatives and details.

Let's start by creating a workspace we can version with Git. Then run dvc init inside to create the DVC project:

$ mkdir example-get-started
$ cd example-get-started
$ git init
$ dvc init
$ git commit -m "Initialize DVC project"

At DVC initialization, a new .dvc/ directory will be created for internal configuration and cache files and directories that are hidden from the user.

See dvc init if you want to get more details about the initialization process, and DVC Files and Directories to learn about the DVC internal file and directory structure.

The last command, git commit, versions the .dvc/config and .dvc/.gitignore files (DVC internals) with Git.

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