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Get Older Data Version

Now that we have multiple experiments, models, processed datasets, the question is how do we revert back to an older version of a model file? Or how can we get the previous version of the dataset if it was changed at some point?

The answer is the dvc checkout command, and we already touched briefly the process of switching between different data versions in the Experiments chapter of this Get Started section.

Let's say we want to get the previous model.pkl file. The short answer is:

$ git checkout baseline-experiment train.dvc
$ dvc checkout train.dvc

These two commands will bring the previous model file to its place in the workspace.

Expand to learn about DVC internals

DVC uses special DVC-files to track data files, directories, end results. In this case, train.dvc among other things describes the model.pkl file this way:

md5: a66489653d1b6a8ba989799367b32c43
path: model.pkl

a664...2c43 is the "address" of the file in the local or remote DVC storage.

It means that if we want to get to the previous version, we need to restore the DVC-file first with the git checkout command. Only after that can DVC restore the model file using the new "address" from the DVC-file.

To fully restore the previous experiment we just run git checkout and dvc checkout without specifying a target:

$ git checkout baseline-experiment
$ dvc checkout

Read the dvc checkout command reference and a dedicated data versioning example for more information.

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