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Store and Share Data

Now, that your data files are managed by DVC (see Add Files), you can push them from your repository to the default remote storage*:

$ dvc push

The same way as with Git remote, it ensures that your data files and your models are safely stored remotely and are shareable. This means that the data can be pulled by yourself or your colleagues whenever you need it.

Usually, you run it along with git commit and git push to save the changed DVC-files.

The dvc push command allows one to upload data to remote storage. It doesn't save any changes in the code or DVC-files. Those should be saved by using git commit and git push.

*As noted in the DVC configuration chapter, we are using a local remote in this section for illustrative purposes.

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You can check now that actual data file has been copied to the remote we created in the configuration chapter:

$ ls -R /tmp/dvc-storage

a304afb96060aad90176268345e10355 above is the hash value of the data.xml file. If you check the data.xml.dvc DVC-file, you will see that it has this string inside.

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