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Get Started: Experiment Collaboration

After having compared some experiments' results and parameters, you still need to agree on which one is the best, share it, track it, and do some house keeping on the rejected experiments.

DVC Experiments are fully compatible with Git workflows. You can share, manage and collaborate on experiments and related code changes using software engineering best practices. There is no need for a different system or paradigm to track and version experiments.


Unless you have enabled DVC Studio Live Experiments, the DVC experiments only exist in your repo and people can't manage or view them from other machines.

To share an experiment with others from your machine:

You can use dvc exp push, providing the names of the git remote and the experiment:

$ dvc exp push origin "soupy-leak"

People from other machines can then retrieve it using dvc exp pull:

$ dvc exp pull origin "soupy-leak"

You can right-click on the experiment row and select the Push Selected action:

VSCode Push

Manage shared experiments from [DVC Studio]:

DVC Studio Shared Experiments

Learn more about Sharing Experiments


Once you have agreed on the best experiment, you can create a git branch and manage it using regular Git workflows:

You can use dvc exp branch, providing the name of the experiment and the future branch:

$ dvc exp branch "soupy-leak"
Git branch 'soupy-leak-branch' has been created from experiment 'soupy-leak'.

You can right-click on the experiment row and select the Create a new Branch action:

VSCode Create a New Branch

You can click to the right of the experiment and select the Create branch/pull request action:

DVC Studio Create a New Branch

This allows you to use software engineering best practices to manage experiments, like creating Pull Requests:

$ gh pr create -H soupy-leak-branch --title "Experiment: soupy-leak"

Learn more about Persisting Experiments


After deciding on which experiments to persist, you might want to remove those that you no longer want to keep:

You can use dvc exp remove to manually remove experiment(s) using their names:

$ dvc exp remove bifid-says potty-sash

You can select multiple experiment rows and use the Remove selected action:

VSCode Remove selected rows

You can click to the right of the experiment and use the Delete action:

DVC Studio Remove selected rows

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